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Thanks For a Great First Year

Gold Is Now Definitely An Impulse Buy

Interviews With Palisades Gold Radio, GoldSeek Radio, KE Report

People We Should Know: Vivek Ramaswamy

Weekly Portfolio Update, December 24 2023

Skill Stacking, Part 1: Handymen Will Inherit the Earth

Becoming Invisible, Part 11: Privacy Land Trusts

Geopolitical Risk and the Case For Physical ETFs

Brighteon Covers "The Great Taking"

Weekly Portfolio Update, December 17 2023

A Glimpse Of The Future For Gold/Silver Miners

Are We Too Dumb To Survive?

Recession Watch: Forget About That Soft Landing

Weekly Portfolio Update, December 10 2023

Strategic Relocation, Part 2: The "Big Sort"

Gold: $2000 Might Still Be Resistance

De-Dollarization Watch: It's Definitely Happening

Buy All The Big Gold/Silver Miners With A Mouse Click

Weekly Portfolio Update, December 3 2023

Art of the Collapse, December 2023

Someday This Will Happen To Silver

Portfolio Stock Update: When Is A Gold Miner Also A Value Play?

Next Year's Housing Crash, In Charts and Anecdotes

Weekly Portfolio Review, November 26 2023

Is Gold A Manipulated Market?

Gold: Resistance Is...Finite

Your First Gun

Weekly Portfolio Update, November 19 2023

Recession Watch: Wow, That Was Fast

Uranium Stocks: What Just Happened to SMRs?

Weekly Portfolio Update, November 12 2023

Interviews with Soar Financially, Michael Douville, Liberty and Finance, FSN, and Collapse Life

Royalty Companies: GROY Turns The Corner

Are There Too Many People Or Too Few?

Mark Nestmann: The War On Cash, Past And Future

This Is What Inflation Does To Our Kids

Weekly Portfolio Update, November 5 2023

Just How Bad Was Franco-Nevada's Bad News?

Art of the Collapse, November 2023

Weekly Portfolio Update, October 29 2023

Junior Miners: i-80 Gold's Complex Success

Private Equity "Landlords" Endangered By Falling House Prices

Weekly Portfolio Update, October 22 2023

It's Tax-Loss Selling Time. Here's How To Play It

Crash Alert: That "Spinning Out Of Control" Feeling

Weekly Portfolio Update, October 15 2023

Health Prepping, Part 3: Intermittent Fasting

Central Bank Gold Demand Is Even Stronger Than It Looks

Uranium Stocks: An Emerging Royalty Company

Recession Watch: Red Flags Everywhere You Look

Weekly Portfolio Update, October 8 2023

People We Should Know: Russell Brand

Health Prepping, Part 2: Interval Training

Japan Is In That Box

Interviews With Commodity Culture, Liberty and Finance, FSN, and KER

JP Morgan Predicts A Housing Market Crash

Art of the Collapse, October 2023

Monthly Portfolio Update: October 2023

Recession Watch: When Big Trends Collide

Did Gold Bars Just Become An Impulse Buy?

Wolf Richter On Why We Should Short The Homebuilder Stocks

Mark Jeftovic: Cash Isn't The Solution To CBDCs

Weekly Portfolio Update, September 24 2023

Uranium Is In A Legit Bull Market

Finally, The Housing Crash

People We Should Know: Glenn Greenwald

Quick Video: CBDCs "Sound Like Fascism"

Peter Zeihan: China Is Collapsing -- Now

Becoming Invisible, Part 10: Your WiFi Can See you

Gold Is Doing Great -- In Other Currencies

Weekly Portfolio Update, September 17 2023

Why Don't All Precious Metals Miners Do This?

Uranium Stocks: Denison's Milestones

Wind Power, Dead Whales, and the Shrinking Trust Horizon

Weekly Portfolio Update, September 10 2023

Becoming Invisible, Part 9: Burner Phones

Interviews with KE Report, USA Watchdog, and HoweStreet

Recession Watch: Obscure But Scary

Your Bug-Out Bag Needs a Grab-and-Go Binder

Weekly Portfolio Update, September 3 2023

What Happened To Canada?

Art of the Collapse, September 1 2023

Junior Miners: SilverCrest Metals' Free Cash Flow

Health Prepping, Part 1: Stem Cell Breakthrough

Weekly Portfolio Update, August 27 2023

How the Aristocracy Ate the Housing Market

BRICS Summit Ends With a Bang -- And a Tease

Gold Seasonality, Part 1: Are We There Yet?

Wage Inflation Is a Thing Now, Part 1

Weekly Portfolio Update, August 20 2023

Things We Should Do: Make An Estate Plan

Junior Miners: A Financing Success Story

The BRICS Currency: We'll Know Soon

The Car of the Future Runs on Hydrogen

Weekly Portfolio Update, August 13 2023

Recession Watch: October Surprise?

Junior Miners: Wallbridge's Serious Ounces

People We Should Know: Martin Armstrong

Becoming Invisible, Part 8: So Much For Incognito Mode

Weekly Portfolio Update, August 7

The Long Wave Versus the Printing Press

Art of the Collapse, August 2023

Becoming Invisible, Part 7: Android Phone Privacy Settings

Mining Is Hard: Another Reason to Own the Royalty/Streamers

Portfolio Review, July 2023

Japan Takes Another Step Towards the Cliff

This Is What a Death Spiral Looks Like

Ancient Evil: Term Limits, WWIII, and Other Reasons to Clean House

Becoming Invisible, Part 6: iPhone Privacy Settings

How You Store It, Part 2: Physical ETFs

Interviews with GoldSeek Radio, KE Report, and USA Watchdog

Public Health and the Shrinking Trust Horizon

Recession Watch: Real Estate And Manufacturing Seize Up

Videos Featuring Our Portfolio Companies

People We Should Know: Ray Dalio

Deep Dive Weekend: Uranium, July 2023

Silver Gets Some Mainstream Coverage

Royalty stocks: Elemental's Emergence

De-Dollarization Just Got Real, Part 2: BRICS To Introduce Gold-Backed Currency In August

CBDCs Are Coming. Mark Jeftovic Explains Why You Should Worry

Junior Miners: Seabridge Gold's 170 Million Ounces

Portfolio Review, June 2023

Art of the Collapse, July 2023

Until Something Breaks...

Strategic Relocation -- Why, Where, And How

Which Of These Currencies Will Collapse First?

Becoming Invisible, Part 5: Your Phone Is A Surveillance Machine

Easy Money Makes You Stupid, Europe Edition

They're Coming For Your Bank Account

How You Store It, Part 1: Gold In Hand

Hidden Value Plays: Palisades' New Found Stake

Becoming Invisible, Part 4: How To Choose And Use A VPN

Interviews With Jay Taylor, Mario Innecco, and Greg Hunter

Art Of The Collapse, June 2023

Portfolio Stock News: New Found's Blow-Out Drill Results

People We Should know: Caitlin Johnstone

Portfolio Review, May 2023

Miners Have Three Potentially Serious Problems

More "In Gold We Trust" Charts

Recession Watch: 10 "Hard Landing" Charts

Becoming Invisible, Part 3: Hiding From Google

Real Estate Icon Sam Zell: Right One Last Time

Next Generation Money, Part 1: Texas Re-Imagines The Dollar

Becoming Invisible, Part 2: Other Ways They're Tracking (and Manipulating) Us

Interviews With Shad Marquitz and Elijah Johnson

Becoming Invisible, Part 1: How They Track Us

Time To Short The Homebuilders

The Epic Failure Of Modern Experts

Art Of The Collapse, May 2023

Two More Copper Stocks

How Will The Aristocracy Keep What They've Stolen? Part 1

Crash Alert: This Market Has Really Bad Breadth

Portfolio Review, April 2023

Fooling Us With Fake Stats: Household Net Worth

Junior Miners: Lion One's Bonanza Grades

Two Experts Agree: Home Prices Are Headed Down Hard

You Can't Taper A Ponzi Scheme

Jimmy Dore: Is This Why Tucker Carlson Was Fired?

How To Short Europe

Can The Euro Be Saved?

Is A Silver "Deficit" The Same As A Shortage?

Is Everybody Lying?

Recession Watch: Cars and Houses Join The List

Art Of the Collapse, April 2023

Let's Start Building That Copper Portfolio

Check Out Gold's Quiet Bull Market

People We Should Know: Ron Paul

The Commercial Real Estate Bust Isn't Coming. It's Here

People We Should Know: Eric Brakey

People We Should Know: Jimmy Dore

Three More Oil Stocks

Monthly Note And Portfolio Review March 2023

What Blows Up Next? Commercial Real Estate

Let's Add Some Oil Stocks To The Portfolio

Me, With Jason Burack and Kerry Lutz

De-Dollarization Follow-Up: Three Crucial Videos

De-Dollarization Just Got Real

People We Should Know: James Howard Kunstler

The World's Best Chartbook, A Preview

Junior Miners: Irving Resources’ Hidden Value

And Just Like That, The Tight Money Era Is Over

Morons We Should Know: Janet Yellen

Deep Fakes, Artificial Intelligence and the Shrinking Trust Horizon

Junior Miners: Nevada King

Is Your Bank At Risk?

People We Should Know: Marjory Wildcraft

Are We As Prepped As We Think?

Monthly Note And Portfolio Review February 2023

How a Country Goes Bankrupt, In 10 Steps

Imminent Bankruptcies, Part 1: Carvana and Beyond Meat

Rhyming History: Censorship In A Burning Theater

Is The Copper Story As Good As Everyone Says?

Will 7% Mortgages Crush Housing?

Write Puts To Buy Stocks At A Discount

People We Should Know: Catherine Austin Fitts

Uranium Stocks: NexGen’s “Generational Deposit”

Crash-Proof Your Portfolio, Part 1: How To Short Stocks

Is The Aristocracy’s Next Psyop … Alien Invasion?

Monthly Note and Portfolio Review

Crash Alert

People We Should Know: Matt Taibbi

Uranium Miners: Let’s Start With Cameco

Is Your State Gold-Friendly?

Junior Miners: Eloro Resources’ Phase Change

Three Quick Ways To Get Uranium Exposure

Welcome To the Death Spiral

Junior Miners: Dolly Varden Silver Is a No-Brainer

Gold And The Shrinking Trust Horizon

People We Should Know: Nouriel Roubini

The Vaccine Narrative Crumbles

Junior Miners: In Search of The Next 50-Bagger

The Only Gold Stocks You Really Need

Gold Or Silver?

People We Should Know: Rick Rule

Why Recession Is Imminent, In Three Charts

People We Should Know: Incrementum’s Ronnie Stöeferle

What Will the Aristocracy Try Next?

Things We Should Understand: The Aristocracy Is Eating the Peasants

Things We Should Own: Uranium

Sunday Technical Issue

People We Should Know: Peter Zeihan

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